Anti-Traffic Camera Vote

Sadly, not here, but in Washington State Supreme Court.

The court refused to intervene in the scheduled November 2 election in the city of Mukilteo where residents had signed a petition forcing a red light camera and speed camera ban onto the ballot.

A very interesting read. Perhaps even for members of Campaign for Liberty (there’s a chapter in Washington involved in this effort apparently). Just sayin.


One response to “Anti-Traffic Camera Vote

  1. I have mixed emotions about these things. Hubby has gotten 3 speed camera tickets. I try to drive the speed limit and have had no problems! There is one near my home ~ it’s by a pedestrian crossing/day care center/nursing home, and at least 2 people have been killed there by speeding drivers. The problem is that people slow down for those areas, and then speed back up the minute they are past the camera range.

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