UPDATE: Utter Nonsense

This is not only nonsense, but a complete waste of time, effort and (wait for it) our money.

Funding a pro-Palestinian ad campaign on billboards in Israel.

UPDATE: As I said. A complete waste of time. And effort.

3 responses to “UPDATE: Utter Nonsense

  1. It’s an attempt to prove peace is possible in the Middle East. And that’s nothing to complain about.

  2. I would usually agree with that.
    But, how does one explain this then?


    (AP) Israel’s prime minister issued a stern warning Sunday to Gaza’s Hamas rulers after a weekend of rocket attacks from the Palestinian territory on Israeli communities.

    Benjamin Netanyahu told his Cabinet that Israel holds the Islamic militant group responsible for the rare flare-up in violence and would retaliate for any attack against its people.

    “I see the Hamas as directly responsible for any attack that comes from the Gaza Strip toward the state of Israel and the international community should see it this way as well,” Netanyahu said. “Israel reserves the right to defend its citizens and we will continue to use all means to protect the people of Israel and the children of Israel.”

  3. From what I understand, this campaign is not even remotely affiliated with Hamas. West Bank and Gaza, though both Palestinian, are vastly different from one another.


    The poll above shows we can’t unilaterally assume all Palestinians are the same. And that is what I think this campaign is meant to prove: that there are in fact many Palestinians who want peace with Israel and are willing to work together to see it succeed.

    Nearly 55% of the Palestinians polled prefer the PA government–and a small 17% support Hamas.

    Yes, Israel has a right and a necessity to protect itself against Hamas. But it’s also important to see that there are many advocates for peace among the Palestinians as well. And that they’re willing to compromise.

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