UPDATE: Another First

But it isn’t good. In fact, it is downright horrendous.

For the first time in history Medicare may not cover an FDA-approved anti-cancer therapy.

And what has the POTUS to say about this? Instead of “you can keep your doctor” and “reforms will not cut your guaranteed benefits” and “pre-existing conditions would always be covered.”

UPDATE: [Apparently, we have to get this news from a source outside our own country. And guess where this piece of news is coming from? The UK. You know, where rationed care is. The healthcare system that Berwick loves so much.] After approving it in the first place, the FDA advisory panel has now voted 12-1 to drop the endorsement for breast cancer treatment. The panel unusually cited “effectiveness” grounds for the decision. But it has been claimed that “cost effectiveness” was the real reason ahead of reforms in which the government will extend health insurance to the poorest.

Yeah, right. Tell us another one. Helping Berwick now aren’t you?

What hypocrisy, what hutzpah, what traitors.
Maybe we should have a contest for what FDA stands for now. Who wants to start?


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