So When Are We Talking Real Money?

Another $26B promissory note.

I don’t know, how about both sides (Senate and House) go on summer break at the same time?

Good Lord.

2 responses to “So When Are We Talking Real Money?

  1. Beverly Babcock

    They used to vacate DC in August…the temps and humidity levels dropped as hot air dissipatted from the congresscritter end of Pennsylvania Avenue. Now, they are coming back, and we can watch the humidity/temp go up, up, up! Maybe they know they are going to lose in a bad way, so they might as well spend while they are in charge.

  2. I got the impression from the article that the Senate is still in session (?).

    And San Fran Nan is going to call the House members back.

    Just so they can get this bill passed and signed in time for the first school bell to ring.

    Another pry bar in our wallets.

    What’s more, divide $16B by 50 (or 57) to get an idea what might be spread per state (if all get some). By the time it filters down, just how long will it save these jobs from expiring??? One school year? If that?

    I feel another Cash for Clunkers situation coming on.

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