We Have Met The Enemy

But it is not Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

This man is doing the job the entire Federal Government refuses to do.
He has a price on his head per the Mexican drug cartel.

And now the DOJ is going to sue him.

I mentioned this to Sean & Frank on WCBM one morning not too long ago. That the guvmint was also sending a message to the county sheriffs that participate in the 287G ICE program. Besides sending that message to Arizona’s Governor about their newly crafted SB 1070.

(I had no idea I was so prophetic at the time.)

The Administration’s message? “Don’t bother the illegals.”

Well, come November 2, 2010, we aren’t going to bother re-electing any incumbents.

We need to divide the government, folks. Single party control is not good for us.


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