UPDATE: Overkill

An out of control tort system leads to the possibility of a jury award that would “wipe the company off the face of the earth.”

Not exactly what I would call an equitable situation. Particularly since “… there was never any claim from any patient that there’d (sic) been harmed or put in danger.”

And also there is this – “… some 32,000 people — patients/residents and healthcare workers alike — would lose their heatlhcare (sic) facilities and jobs.”

This isn’t justice people.

UPDATE (in response to a commenter’s question, a Google search provides the answers)

Frivolous Lawsuits:


Thanks for asking.

P.S. Nowhere in my post above do I state that was a frivolous lawsuit, in fact, nowhere in the referred article post uses that term either.

P.P.S. To further eliminate any confusion, my focus is not on the suit so much as the possibility of such an enormous award that will no doubt destroy a business – and is that a singularly good reason in every case? Is this a mistake that can be remedied? If so, how does erasing a business solve the problem? And how on earth does awarding such amounts serve anyone? The victims are going to get all of it? Doubtful. Even if that were possible, taxes would hit very hard. And then there’s the infighting among the recipients. No further good comes from this.


One response to “UPDATE: Overkill

  1. What is a frivolous lawsuit?
    Of all the lawsuits filed how many are frivolous?
    Of all the medical malpractice that occurs in the country how many of those end up in a lawsuit?
    How many people are killed or injured due to malpractice every year?

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