Louisiana Gov Jindal Gets It

What the real story is, however, is that our federal government (aka, POTUS) most certainly does not get it about the gulf drilling moratorium.

Incomprehensible. Unbelievable. Playing dice with our future this way.

One response to “Louisiana Gov Jindal Gets It

  1. Beverly Babcock

    Oh, but I do think potus GETS it… what the moratorium will do to the Gulf States. They didn’t vote for him, and I think he will use this spill and the LONG time for cleanup to try to push for his cap & tax bill. Never mind that he should have suspended the Jones Act on day 2, to take advantage of the numerous countries that offered to help. And, the various departments (BLM/EPA/Interior, etc.) should have rushed to thank the small business owner in Maine who immediately went into overtime production with the booms that his company makes, hoping to help with the enormous clean-up. That these government agencies did NOT take advantage of this verges on being criminal. The two senators from Maine, Collins & Snowe, had a letter sent to the WH, Admiral Thad Allen, and all appropriate parties in mid-May, so they can’t say they didn’t know about the help.

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