Basis Of The AZ Lawsuit

Has anybody noticed the emphasis of the lawsuit is NOT about discrimination?

Instead, the administration …

Within months of taking office, the Obama White House directed department heads to undertake pre-emption of state law only with full consideration of the legitimate prerogatives of the states.

The 2009 directive was aimed at reversing Bush administration policy that had aggressively employed pre-emption in an effort to undermine a wide range of state health, safety and environmental laws.

Well what do you know. It’s about health, safety and the environment.

Of Who? Must be the illegal aliens and not about our own citizens.

According to the latest reports from FAIRUS.ORG, $113B per year coming out of our collective pockets is just because of illegal aliens.

That’s right. That is what it is costing us nationwide. Let alone the physical and fatal harm being done to our police forces in Arizona and elsewhere. And other such incidents around the country.

Are we being told it’s better to lose our money and not our lives? How can that be palatable when BOTH ARE HAPPENING?

And what is worse, our current government is using our own taxpayer dollars to fund this lawsuit against one state that is suffering about TWICE (that of Maryland) the financial drain of illegals on their services while still losing citizens/policemen lives to mexican drug cartels.

The unmitigated gall of our so-called government to say this law has to be stopped in order to prevent other states from copying it is totally absurd. Particularly so when the government doesn’t want to do their job, in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, to safeguard our citizens. And they claim no one else (States) are allowed to do the job the Constitution places on the Federal government.


Remember November. 2010. 2012. 2014 and beyond.

P.S. The Professor has a copy of the case.

And another instance of death threats against an AZ County Sheriff from a mexican mafia.

Statement from Gov. Jan Brewer.


2 responses to “Basis Of The AZ Lawsuit

  1. I believe Obama administration, in this lawsuit, are interested only overriding the State of Arizona’s 10th amendment rights of self protection. This lawsuit is the most callous, cynical abuse 0f power I’ve heard of yet, without any interest or consideration for the people of Arizona.

  2. Yes indeed. And let’s not forget the fact that this serves as a message to the rest of the states considering such legislation for themselves.

    Talk about Chicago politics!

    If anyone knows that the 287G program does the SAME THING with regard to local policing and access to ICE, then this serves also to tell law enforcement everywhere that they need not apply for this 287G program either.

    Kinda makes one mad, right? Knowing the Feds are telling you you are not allowed to defend yourselves as individuals or as states.

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