Atlas Shrugs Needs Our Help

It seems Paypal has a misguided interpretation about Pamela Geller’s website.

Let’s do what we can to help her. And that is the truth.

5 responses to “Atlas Shrugs Needs Our Help

  1. If this wasn’t a spoof, it seems this can be appealed. Can you please provide more information about Transaction #62V159922K894400X so we can have a frame of reference as to what this is about, precisely? It’s not necessarily about “hate speech” but perhaps it could be about the “financial exploitation of a crime” (because of Pamela’s obsession with Rifqa Bary and the hijacking of her case of the sake of publicity). I have a feeling none of this is real and we will see that she will still be able to use PayPal beyond the 17th of June. It’s probably just another publicity stunt.

    Meanwhile, read this:

    ACTION ALERT: Report Incitement to Commit Violence and Kill Jews Online

  2. I would think your concern over that transaction id number should be better directed toward Pamela.

  3. You’re right Daniel about Christina’s repost madness. I usually have the courtesy to state if it’s a repost.

    Good luck in your endevours.

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