Rich Not Paying Their Fair Share

According to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Her own personal opinion she says.


Now, if you watched Glenn Beck on this past May 3rd, you would have heard a clip of President Obama say “… I do think, at a certain point you’ve made enough money …”.

Glenn went on (silently) to list about 9 (10? Yup, Bill & Hillary) people who each have a current worth in the millions to billions of dollars.

Hillary? Well, she and her husband are $35M to the good. Oprah? $245M.
Soros? Try $14B. Gore? estimated at $100M. Andy Stern? $306K per year.
And some others.

So, are they – have they – paying their fair share, SoS Clinton?????

You know what this means, don’t you?

They got theirs, you won’t have a chance at reaching your potential.
Not if they have their say.

By the way. Define what “rich” is.


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