UPDATE: Benishek For Congress

UPDATE: The reason to replace Stupak with his opponent named below. Pork, earmarks, the deal he made along with others for financial favors to his district.

Doctor Daniel Benishek is running to oust Representative Stupak.

And here is a brief Washington Examiner article on this new phenomenon.

Dr. Benishek’s Facebook doesn’t yet have a pay button but his snail mail address is listed:

Benishek For Congress
802 Pentoga Trail
Crystal Falls, MI 49920


4 responses to “UPDATE: Benishek For Congress

  1. Garry L. Huff, MD

    How can I contact Daniel Benishek, MD?

  2. Mona Siegismund

    I am from Arkansas….HOPE YOU GET
    ELECTED…..It sounds good for you today on the news.
    We have a son inlaw that is a OB/GYN, that has been to Washington lobbying
    with some Senators. wishing you the best.
    Mona Siegismund

  3. Um, thanks, Mona.
    But I think you are intending to leave this message for Dr. Daniel Benishek himself and not me.

    Sorry to have to tell you this, but this site is for a different Daniel. Hope you don’t mind trying again.

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