Another Senseless Drug War Death

Stunning developments in the 2009 police shooting of Georgia pastor Jonathan Ayers
Radley Balko | March 23, 2010

Given the details I read in this article, along with past articles written by Mr. Balko that I have also been following, I am surprised to find no Congressional official NOT acting upon issues such as this.

This is NOT helping the law abiding, instead it is allowing incompetence within policing forces that are mistaking civilians as criminal elements with fatal results.

And for what? Suspicion of drugs? Planted drugs? Afterward when the police discover they messed up – they try to cover it up. Badly. Intentionally. Knowingly.

Not very smart nor professional.

This needs to change. After all, the law abiding isn’t supposed to fear the Police.

Now, are we?

And still on the subject, I learned from my wife today she unnerved a policeman in the store she works in. She leaned to the side to read his name plate, and he reached for his firearm. He claimed he thought she was going for his gun.

She then said – hello, you’re in a lumber yard general store with elderly sales ladies.
You think we are something else?

A perfect example of the poor training and judgment attained by some officers bearing sidearms.


One response to “Another Senseless Drug War Death

  1. Gestapo thugs or incompetent morons? I vote for the former. having been a cop, I know that too darn many of them fall into those two sub groups. If a cover up like this takes place, the mandatory minimum should be hanging, and not the long drop method either.
    Yes, my blood is boiling.

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