Dems Cost US $2.36T in Lost Oil Money

“No Profit for US in Oil.” Is that the new (or not) battle cry for the Democrats?

But they raised the debt ceiling by how much?? They willingly spent just one-third (so far) of the $787B Stimulus package so far. Where did that one-third go? And what about the rest since they can’t stop talking about a second (no, that’s a Jobs bill)?

I could go on. But I am sure you get the point. Congress and the Administration have very little, if any, math and budget skills.

Since they won’t listen to us, we have to turn them out.


One response to “Dems Cost US $2.36T in Lost Oil Money

  1. The first question one (those without lobbyists) should ask themself; am I being represented? If they don’t listen to their constituents it’s a breach of contract, oath and the whole purpose they should be serving and the very reason their position even exists…kick `em to the GW drift.

    Drill Baby Drill. We could pay off our deficit by selling oil to China…what’s the matter with these people?

    Never mind…I remember now, they were going to make boatloads of cash with CT via AGW and wipe out the middle class with regulation and taxation, thus growing government to unprecedented proportions at the same time skyrocketing job security measures.

    Yeah, that was it.

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