Substance Not Process

What bothers me is the content of the supposed Healthcare bill(s).
Over 2,700 pages long for the last, latest version.
Is there anyone that knows all that is in there? All of it?
I have read a good percentage of it from its beginnings through to now.
There is a lot I don’t find necessary, or even good for any of us, in this monstrous bill.

There is too much hidden in this effort to “reform” our healthcare. Not to mention all the subsequent “unintended consequences” that will surely come about should this see the light of enactment.

Even if a Summit were to be held including the GOP, there is no guarantee enough will be “fixed” to assure the country that we won’t be taxed, fee-ed and denied care out of existence.

Sorry, but I am one of those that says – start over and make it smaller, simpler, easier to understand without earmarks and lobbied interests baked into this “reform.”

You have a little less than three years to go, Mr. President. That is most certainly plenty of time to not just do this right and fair to our population but to result in a piece of work that all could be proud of their involvement. Including and especially you. And please, don’t insult us. We are the public that makes this country what it is. We are the ones who voted this administration into office. To refer to us as soured and contaminating your bill is just plain wrong.

Don’t make us regret that. The clock is ticking. Get to work.


One response to “Substance Not Process

  1. I would love to see each bill as a “stand alone” bill, without any attachments, and written in simple English so that we don’t have to hire a team of lawyers to read it, pat us on the head and say “it’s OK”. Even one of the semi-esteemed congressmen said he hadn’t read it because he’d have to hire two lawyers to explain it to him. If it’s that complicated, it’s too complicated!

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