Bye Bipartisanship

It appears that the Republicans have given a counter offer to the President’s Super Bowl interview with Katie Couric. Basically, we need to start over concerning health care insurance.

And now, the President, via Mr. Gibbs says no – we need to pass meaningful health insurance reform legislation.

My view: Since this started, there were 47 million folk uninsured. That figure is now held around 30 million. The overall population of the country is near 300 million.

With unemployment what it is and the economy in the condition that it is, why are we trying to change 90 percent of the population for the sake of the remaining ten percent? Why can’t we fix just the ten percent?????

To the Republicans in Congress, I advise – hold your ground. It shouldn’t take a bill (with more than 2,000 pages) to fix ten percent of the uninsured that may need health care insurance.


One response to “Bye Bipartisanship

  1. Beverly Babcock

    Bipartisanship usually means the Republicans give in to what the democrats want. Stand your ground, Republicans in Congress…this is from someone whose husband recently lost his job and has no insurance at the moment.

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