UPDATEx4: Massachusetts Primary Today

This is it. By now, people should be voting (in line?) for their choice of the next U.S. Senator to work in the “People’s seat.”

I hope Scott Brown makes it. I will be watching the polling in anticipation throughout this day and into the late evening.

UPDATE: There is a Live Blog taking place on the Legal Insurrection blogsite, should anyone be interested.

UPDATEx2: How can anyone be handing out absentee ballots on election day? Is this, in fact, what this person is doing? And it sounds like she said she made copies. Anyone verify?

UPDATEx3: Apparently, the babies are already crying.
Oh, the MA polls close at 8pm tonight.

UPDATEx4: Hhhm, union members from NY don’t want to be videotaped. Imagine that.
(pssst. Polls close in about 10 minutes.)


One response to “UPDATEx4: Massachusetts Primary Today

  1. Far be it for me to get too excited over the results, but I’m giddy over this kind of hope and change.

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