On A (Very) Personal Note

I have been debating myself to share this info and have come to the conclusion that I should.

I am a malignant cancer survivor for the past 56 years. An operation that I had, in Cleveland Clinic, when I was about one year old resulted in the removal of my left eye and part of the optic nerve. So my left eye is a prosthetic.

Among other reasons that I have stated why I have an interest in running for this high office is this one, primarily. Health Care. Ever since I started reading the H.R. 3200 bill, I am unnerved at some of the legalese that isn’t crystal clear to the average lay person. Whether you believe there are problems (controversial that we hear and read about) or not with this pending attempt at comprehensive reform, know this:

Rationing is logically likely in order to attempt to control costs. How can it not happen? Eventually it must, given what we know and read so far.

But I fear for the future generations. There may be some newborns that become like me early in their formative years. Suffering a problem that may be visible for awhile – before it can kill you. (That’s how my parents knew. My cornea changed color. Had it not, I wouldn’t be here telling you all this.)

Will they get the appropriate care? No matter their sex, race, other obvious medical problems???? Or – will someone make a decision that no one likes?

Here’s the bottom line.

I know that I have made a difference in this world, at my job for the past 25 years, as a member of the IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows). And it isn’t that I knew I was going to make such significant differences at the time. To help people, to save my department money and to make tough decisions. I was at the right place, at the right time, with the right knowledge and the foresight to make it happen.

Other, future people will do this also. Don’t think it can’t or won’t happen.

I am living proof that it happens. That holds true for everyone.

We need to ensure that future generations have the chance to become something important. Someone effective.

I cannot say that the current firestorm over this health care issue will provide that guarantee.

So think about that.

I am not seeking any pity, I am not preaching, I think, but I believe you need to know.

Have a good day. I will.

6 responses to “On A (Very) Personal Note

  1. Daniel,
    Thank you for sharing your personal story.

  2. from what I saw @ http://blogs.dailymail.com/donsurber/2009/08/22/9691/

    I am retired and was a school of hard knocks system startup engineer and project manager for a major international construction/AE company after serving as a US Navy submarine reactor operator and working as a civilian one for GE.

    You may have seen me picketing Rep. Kratovil’s office and at TEA Parties with my walking ad type protest sign and usually my flying of the DONT TREAD ON ME Navy Jack.

    I picketed Mikulski’s Annapolis office the first week of June and receive much encouragement and had only two verbal attacks. With her recent votes, not having read the stimulus bill and her lack of town hall meetings, she may be in serious trouble.

    I am still looking for a candidate to support and having an engineer utilizing logic instead of a lawyer using emotion as senator has a certain appeal. Unfortunately, while Americans demand truthfullness from politicians, they seemly reject the honest truth from a candidate; one major reson why I have never sought elective office.

    Good luck

    Take care and be safe.

    Al Reasin
    Conowingo, MD

  3. Thank you, Al. I appreciate your comment.

    You also, Crystal.

  4. Daniel… Thank You! And I would vote for you. I am a Registered Nurse. My Favorite Senator?? Jim DeMint (R) SC…as Crystal says above (and I know Crystal) Yes, Daniel thanks for sharing your personal story. Let it be known that you received care and that others must receive care also. Under the proposed HR 3200 I fear that ‘care for all’ will be a misnomer. Our population in the US virtually dictates that ‘care for all’ is an impossible goal to acheive.

  5. Ok my friend, I got you blog rolled. I’m out in flyover country, but will support you any way I can. Now its time to get ACTIVE. If you believe in the constitution, if you believe in capitalism, if you want to do something to stop this headlong rush to disaster, visit ACCDF.com The American Capitalism and Constitution Defense Front is looking for people who believe in the constitution and believe it still means something even if our current gaggle of goofs don’t honor it.

    • Rick rolled? Steam rolled?
      Oooohhhh, Blog Rolled!

      Thank you very much, Jeremy, I will indeed visit that site. I appreciate that.

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