Pelosi Is Against Your Freedom to Choose

Pelosi Says Government Should Shut Down Boeing Plant Where Workers Refuse to Unionize

This is not how we are supposed to operate in this country.

The sole goal in a case such as this is to separate a worker from a percentage of their earnings to feed an organization that only supports one specific political party.

Sounds like theft, socialism, Marxism, to me. What say you?


2 responses to “Pelosi Is Against Your Freedom to Choose

  1. On the face of the above, I’d say you were one hundred per cent right.

    So what can be done about it, in the “Land of The Free”?

    • Unfortunately, the best we can hope for at this stage is that enough voters who feel she is overstepping her bounds would vote her out next year. The likelihood of that happening is probably not very high, also unfortunately. She has a history of flaunting this kind of attitude in our faces, but as a House of Representatives Congresswoman she has to run for re-election every two years. Doesn’t seem to have the desired effect of replacing her though. I’d like to know why.

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