SCOTUS To Review GPS Tracking

Be sure to watch the video in the Hot Air article on this subject of warrantless monitoring.

There are references that court rulings suggest “no expectation to privacy when driving on public roads.”

And yet, to have the FBI covertly place a tracker on your car means it has to be parked and the owner nowhere in sight. Likely, your driveway. But, that’s your property. Meaning the car AND the driveway. (How about when you park inside your garage?) Check your land deed for your property lines. Only so much of your property may be easements or locally managed property. And even then, there are arguments over how much of your trash is still your property or public for the sake of criminal investigations.

Are we a nation of laws, or aren’t we? The U.S. Constitution and local laws seem to say so.

“The law applies to everyone or it means nothing.”


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