UPDATEx6: For Lawsuit Purposes

Anybody know who Righthaven is?

Well, study up. The secret is out. An excerpt:

“As many defendants in Righthaven actions have argued, Righthaven does not truly own the copyrights it sues over,” Marc John Randazza, one of the attorneys for the Media Bloggers Association, said Friday in a blog post titled in part “Does the House of Cards Collapse?”

He said Righthaven’s lawsuits seem to run afoul of case law.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Righthaven disses the Court.

UPDATEx2: A federal judge ruled Monday that publishing an entire article is fair use. This is the latest blow against newspaper copyright troll Righthaven.

UPDATEx3: Righthaven is not giving up.

UPDATEx4: RH’s attorney gives a lame excuse.

UPDATE x5: Appareently, the judge fined Righthaven $5,000 for misleading the court about their lawsuits. And, wait for it, Righthaven is going to appeal the fine. HAR!

UPDATE x6: Judge scolds Righthaven lawyer, adds another $32,000 judgment
Money talks, BS walks. Add more zeros, Your Honor.


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