UPDATE: Analog Hole Shredded

UPDATEx2: Well, time to eat some crow. After some more serious troubleshooting, the only remaining thing to try was to power off everything. Computer, satellite box, PVR, flatscreen and AV receiver. Switching back on after 10 full minutes brought everything fully functional again. I apologize to any I have offended, particularly DirecTV and/or Hauppage, the maker of the PVR.
At least I learned something more over the past couple days. Unfortunately, I cannot say for 100% certainty just where (in which electronics) the fault lay at the time – which is the answer I would have preferred to find. Maybe another time.

Since I have calmed down some, I have been troubleshooting as best I can for awhile this evening. I am not yet convinced if there is a hardware fault in either the receiver box component output or the component input to the HD PVR.
At that, I will be calling DirecTV tomorrow to find out if there is anything they can do to troubleshoot the receiver.

Until then, I will hold my tongue and at least apologize for my hasty post.

Frankly, I am more than just peeved about this. I promise I will keep my worst curses where no one can hear them.

For any readers here that are technically aware, the suppliers of HDTV signals have now switched off the component video connections. On Blu-Ray players and, as I found out just recently, DirecTV HD satellite receiver boxes …….

This means they have rendered my legally purchased hardware/software package (Hauppage HD PVR model 1212) useless.
$199 down the drain. Just because they can do it. Just to force us to purchase/lease their equipment. To make us pay subscription fees.

Okay, who do I send the bill to? DirecTV? Who?

Anybody else notice this happen to themselves? Speak up, please.


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