UPDATE: Scripted at Tucson

Gasp! What? On a Jumbotron?

Was this a memorial proceeding or wasn’t it?

UPDATE: According to comments in the articles referred within the GatewayPundit blogsite, it may well be the picture has captured a video image that is also displaying closed captioning. If anyone can corroborate that, please feel free to speak up.
Even so, for anyone that had managed to watch/partake in the service, I would also like to hear from those who heard this firsthand.
TUCSON – Thousands of people flooded into Tucson’s McKale Memorial Center to hear President Barack Obama speak this evening. The center is now full, and people are being directed to go to the U of A football stadium to watch the event on a Jumbotron screen.

If you have a Flickr (Yahoo) account, try this as a commenter claims there may be better information here. I tried, but I get a message that I cannot view the picture(s).

Oh Good Lord. Contrivances.

At last, a commenter explains it:
I am a closed captioner and I was working that evening and captioned this event for one of our clients. (There are many stations that ran this live, so I doubt I was actually producing the captions seen in the shot.) But I try to use [APPLAUSE] when cameras aren’t showing an audience reaction, as the shot of Obama above demonstrates. It’s not always successful because captioners usually work off of an audio feed that isn’t time-delayed. Our video is not, so knowing whether the camera will cut away or not is guesswork. But you want the deaf or hard-of-hearing to know why the speaker is no longer speaking, if you can. That’s what this is. It’s descriptive, not proscriptive.


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