Is It Any Wonder

That a good percentage of the public is no longer concerned about voting any more? It seems to me the ones that do is a dwindling amount. Becoming a minority in and of itself.

Which means, control of legislatures, local, state and federal governments is purely decided in the hands of a minority of the country’s entire population.

And here is why.

My point? The rubes making decisions to actually allow use/count votes from sources that have been REMOVED FROM THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE SOURCES no longer CARE for the SANCTITY OF THE VOTERS SELECTIONS even though they claim that they do.

Think about that. How can anyone trust the validity of such voting materials when THEY ARE NO LONGER IN A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT TO ENSURE THE QUALITY OF THAT DATA. It is not only suspect, it is likely tainted. Such “discoveries” should only mean that these machines and/or materials should never be counted in any official capacity. It is untrustworthy. And how these machines/materials got out of their controlled situations in the first place should result in someone not only losing their (voluntary) job, but arrested and fined as well for doing such a poor (criminal) job in the first place.


2 responses to “Is It Any Wonder

  1. Oh I am indeed concerned about voting – there just doesn’t seem to be much point in it though with all of the corruption 😦

  2. While I understand your misgivings, it is vital to also understand the importance NOT to give in to that sense.

    It is exactly the opposite that we need. Everyone that fails to vote allows those that do to deteermine the course of history in this country.

    We cannot afford that luxury of thinking “everyone else will fix it” – because the opposite of that is, in fact, what has been happening.

    We must find the message to spread to turn this around and do it.

    We need you, and people like you, to vote with us. It is just that simple.

    Do not give up. In fact, try to convince others to do the same and spread the word.

    Failure is not an option. Otherwise everybody – loses everything.

    As Ronald Reagan said, “We are Freedom’s Last Stand.” There is nowhere else on the planet to go to get the freedom the United States has enjoyed for so long.

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