UPDATEDx3: TSA Unbound

Just in time for major Holidays.

Thanks, but no thanks, TSA.

I’ll drive. That way, you can keep your hands to yourself.

UPDATE: Apparently, the TSA in San Diego airport has definitely – gone – too -far.

And then there’s this.

Be thankful you aren’t this person. Poor fellow, no one should have to go through this.

What to do with TSA? Well, allow Texas to put all of those gropers on the southern border. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Maybe then we can assure the bad guys won’t cross our borders after humiliating them to death. sheesh.

UPDATEDx2: Another outrageous incident. Idiots all.

UPDATEDx3: A friend sent me this link. It describes the likelihood why Congress doesn’t seem to act fast enough concerning our unfriendly TSA gropers on the ground, before anyone can get to the skies. Figure there is probably something to this. What say?


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