How Un-American of Him

Charlie Crist.

” … pushing Kendell Meek to “do what’s right” and withdraw from the Florida senate race.”

What a piece of work.

Psst, hey Floridians, make sure he doesn’t get any more work. Okay?

Oh. And, Billy Boy. Keep your nose out of it.

2 responses to “How Un-American of Him

  1. Daniel,
    Charlie is a self serving SOB.
    I say this as a 20 year resident of Florida, having watched him say and do ANYTHING he thought might be advantageous for him politically.
    A lot of Floridians are fed up with him, and he’s now dying on the vine.

    Good riddance.

    PS: first visit to your site via Don Surber. wish you well.

    Best Regards,

  2. Thank you, Capt. Mike.

    See you in the funny papers. And Don Surber’s site as well.

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