Repeal Amendment

Interesting. Calling for a Constitutional Convention to pass a constitutional amendment that would give two-thirds of the states the ability to repeal congressional acts.

Like … the 2,700+ page abomination of healthcare. For one.

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Very interesting.

Oh, and here’s another interesting one. A Constitutional Amendment to Limit Spending.


One response to “Repeal Amendment

  1. The problem with the amendment to allow two-thirds of the States to rescind a specific federal law or regulation is that it is retail when the problem is wholesale. We need to redress the underlying distortions of the Constitution which have allowed the federal government to usurp the States’ original constitutional powers, not nitpick at separate individual usurpations.

    Also, there is a problem with using an Article V convention to initiate federalism amendments. Such a convention would be dominated by politicians and law professors, not constitutional conservatives, and would be as likely to move us away from the original constitutional structure as towards it.

    The best solution is an “amendment amendment” which gives the States the ability to initiate constitutional amendments without a convention. Article V only uses a convention mechanism because in 1789 there was no other practical way for States to communicate with each other to formulate amendment proposals. In this way, grassroots constitutionalists could initiate amendments carefully drafted to achieve the restoration of the original constitutional structure, thus dealing with the underlying “wholesale” problem of the unconstitutional expansion of the national government.

    See timelyrenewed dot com for more specifics on this proposal.

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