UPDATEx4: Comparison

Here is an overhead shot of the attendees for the Restore Honor Rally on 08/28/10.

And here is a shot from stage view of the One Nation Rally on 10/02/10.

From this, I’d say of the Left – there isn’t enough of them.

Let’s see if this holds true one month from now.

29 Days to Election Day, 2010. Be there.

UPDATEx1: Photos of the One Nation Rally. We definitely can call them Socialists now.
Oh, and the trash they left behind? Symbolic, for what they do to America.

UPDATEx2: And it appears that CSPAN is into creative advertising as well, by using a photo of the Restoring Honor Rally to advertise for the One Nation thingy. I’d say they don’t have the budget for real, honest photojournalists anymore.

UPDATEx3: An unhinged, deranged One Nation rally attendee assaulted a reporter that was recording video of Charlie Rangel. So much for peace and love, eh there? Video at the link.

UPDATEx4: And here is an overhead view of the One Nation Rally similar to the Restoring Honor event. Note the time of day.


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