UPDATE: Have We Over-Reacted to 911?

According to Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek, we have indeed.

After reading his article, I would have to say that I agree. Read it, a lot of good information there that we never got from anywhere else.

UPDATE: Apparently, Ted Koppel doesn’t get it. Being American, that is.

2 responses to “UPDATE: Have We Over-Reacted to 911?

  1. Daniel, the link goes to NusianceWeak, and their subscription Begging page.
    Considering that in 1941 we had Germany Italy and Japan to beat, I’d say we have under reacted.

  2. Hello, Jeremy.

    I am using Firefox 3.6.8 and all I get is a small prompt near the top indicating it blocked a popup ad. Perhaps this is that Begging prompt you are speaking of.

    Probably an automatic popup depending on the browser one uses to get to the content page.

    Have to agree on the under-reacted part.

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