Apology Tour Right Here

The AP reports on our latest pitch to the UN which is an admission of human rights shortcomings – by the U.S.

The 29-page “Universal Periodic Review” report was submitted to the Human Rights Council on Friday but was not published until Monday. Members of the council, which the United States joined only last year, are required to submit reviews of their rights records. The report was the first produced by the U.S. State Department.

President Barack Obama decided that the U.S. should run for a seat on the council.

The report’s findings were cautiously welcomed by human rights activists but will likely draw fire from conservatives who opposed joining the council. They said the U.S. should not be judged by countries with poor human rights records.

The administration sought to rebuff such criticism in the report, saying its participation in the review was not an acknowledgment “of commonality with states that systematically abuse human rights.”

… Kinda gets you right here, doesn’t it?


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