Unemployment Spread

Similar to a zombie movie.

But. This isn’t fiction.

2 responses to “Unemployment Spread

  1. I’m a voter. I don’t have a website. However, I would like to know what your views are on the high property taxes in Maryland (the high taxes in general). And nationally, your views on illegal immigration; Obamacare; and spending and why won’t they stop!?

  2. Hello, Karen.

    Largely, over the years, Maryland changed the base dollar value in their assessments when figuring out our property taxes.
    Instead of figuring on a portion of our assessed value, now they do it against the total value.
    At least when this started some years ago, it didn’t change our taxes much.
    But it means that, theoretically, they wouldn’t have to worry about where to stop – that is, if the county doesn’t have a cap on how much they can tax our property.

    I am unsure how much our cap is here in Harford County. But even at that, it is the rate itself that can be changed now (from time to time) in order to take more in taxes.

    What the problem is now is due to falling property values. But until you get re-assessed, it is difficult (but not impossible) to appeal any assessed value to try and keep our taxes from going up.

    I used to know how to go about with an appeal, but it escapes me right now.

    What else can be done about it?

    Our state legislature in Annapolis (delegates and representatives) could pass legislation to make re-assessments and computed taxes follow each other. In other words, instead of going up all the time – when the property values fall, so should the tax bill.
    Trouble is, it is very close to being a single party (Democrat) controlled legislature. So they do whatever they wish.

    Illegal immigration. A little nuance. These two words do not really belong together. Should call it what it is. Illegal aliens.
    I am against what is happening right now.
    In short, we should seal our southern border as best we can, deport those we find – particularly the criminals, pass laws to make employers use a mandatory (currently voluntary) method to check their status (called eVerify on social security numbers).
    I am against amnesty.

    Largely, this illegal alien problem has become a large drain on our collective wallets. In Maryland and throughout the country.
    Last dollars I heard was $1.4 billion per year we pay here in Maryland for this issue alone. Nationwide it is $113 billion per year.

    I am totally against it.
    For the first time in our country’s history, our federal government is forcing us to by health insurance premiums whether we want to or not. And jail, or fine, is the penalty for not doing so. These were (are still) in the actual bill passed by Congress and signed by Obama.
    This is totally unconstitutional in my considered opinion (they argued use of the Commerce Law says they could pass this health care bill).
    For those of us who have insurance, it isn’t necessarily true that we will be able to keep what we have.
    There are already instances of doctors refusing to take more Medicare patients. Doctors about to retire. Eight hospitals in Massachusetts are, or are about to be, bankrupt.


    The simplest answer is right here. The progressives are in control of Congress. Not just Democrats, but some Republicans also.
    They won’t stop spending because they are doing what they want to.
    They refuse to listen to us. I have tried. I even attended rallies and town halls. No difference.

    Which is the single biggest reason why I chose to try and get in there – to push one out, and add my vote(s) to try and turn back this nonsense.

    Hope this answers your questions.

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