Minimum Wage Hurts Teen Employment

And how is that you may ask? It has been one year since the minimum wage was increased to $7.25. That’s 41% more than it was.

Here’s a blog referencing the Wall Street Journal article. Unfortunately, by going to WSJ you have to have an account to read the entire article. But the important part is shown within that blog.

Here’s my concern. Thinking about how companies don’t have control over a “minimum wage” is it any wonder that some of these companies are willing to risk hiring illegal aliens and paying less? You know, for doing the work “no American wants to do?”

Kinda flies in the face of reality, I’d say. Cause and effect, that is all this is.

Government mandates a minimum wage increase.
Small business companies can’t afford to pay.
Willing to pay less by hiring cheaper, illegal aliens.
Our people can’t get jobs because of that.


2 responses to “Minimum Wage Hurts Teen Employment

  1. The minimum wage is set by the government to prevent employers of any size from devaluing their employees by paying them a wage that is less than standard. By allowing a business the ability to name their own price for their employees’ work allows too many legal employees to be overworked and underpaid and thereby abused. The 1920s era of sweatshops and the like are gone for a reason.
    And I’m not sure I see how that hurts specifically teen employment, at least not any moreso than it does that of every able bodied potential employee of every age. And the risks involved in “hiring” illegal aliens are extremely high. Mom and Pop stores with less traffic may be able to run the risk, but many businesses cannot afford the legal ramifications of getting caught employing an undocumented worker.

  2. While I understand your statement, I have to ask – did you even bother to read the articles at all?

    Because it is obvious that there have been many businesses that have indeed been employing illegal aliens.

    As an example there are 2,900 companies raided (via records) by the current administration.

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