DOJ Doesn’t Read Any Laws

Arizona’s or the U.S. Constitution, apparently.

What’s more, the DOJ seems to think it important to have the SCOTUS overturn an Arizona immigration law (here’s the kicker, Gov. Napolitano signed that one) just because they want to. It looks to me like they are doing this under orders probably. Isn’t Napolitano head of DHS now? What the hey is going on? I am not implying that Napolitano is giving the orders, I am quite sure the readers here know I am referring to the POTUS.

They do realize we are paying attention, don’t they?

Like, what about ICE? What about the 287G program? Are they told not to deport anyone anymore? Whether they arrest directly or take from 287G compliant local officers? Just what kind and how much of dereliction of duty is it going to take before this administration totally destroys any semblance of law and order in this once fine nation?

Totally absurd.

Hopefully, eventually, we can refer to this entire administration as once-wassers.

Remember November. This year AND in 2012.


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