UPDATEx3: May Day With Uncivil Riots

I guess that “civil disobedience” was a bit too much to ask, right?

And, why is it that those who destroy property wear masks, and run away?

And the response from the main stream media? (chirping crickets …)

Yet, the POTUS is not the history buff he tells us that he is. Particularly since Byron York tells us:

Some people might not know that since the 1940s, federal law has required non-citizens who are in the United States permanently to carry on their person, at all times, the official documents proving that they are here legally — green card, work visa, etc. That has been the law for 70 years, and the new Arizona law does not change it.

UPDATE: More violence from the pro-illegal immigration protesters.

UPDATEx2: And Michelle Malkin has more.

UPDATEx3: Good Lord. Talk about turnabout. Subversion of Immigration Laws by a Governor no less.


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