UPDATEx3: Amnesty In A Month?

Well, it appears that is what the POTUS mentioned to Scott Brown when he called the new Senator from Massachusetts in the “People’s Seat.”

Something I heard late last night, why would you – or anyone – want the possibility of electing any official by folks who don’t belong here? It seems the presumption, of the progressives, is to bury the “other side.” By any and every means necessary.

But then again, maybe the liberally applied progressives haven’t thought this all the way through. All of the immigrants that came here properly and legally may have something to say about this. At the ballot box. With the rest of us.

UPDATE: Get ready. Here come the Wonder Twins, Pelosi and Reid.

UPDATEx2: Bill to Lower Carbon Dioxide Delayed. Because …. Democrats consider pushing forward with a debate on immigration reform. Yeah, can you imagine that. Time to swamp Congress and The Hill’s phones gang. By the way, this doesn’t stop the Cap and Trade (aka, Global Warming crapola) – it just DELAYS it.

UPDATEx3: Well, maybe it delays it until next year. Sen. Graham apparently gives up on Cap and Tax.


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