UPDATEx4: Senate To Reintroduce Public Option?

Four Senate Democrats wrote Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday, asking him to revive the public option in the Senate’s health bill.

Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) called on Reid to reintroduce the public option into the healthcare debate through the budget reconciliation process, which would short-circuit filibuster rules and allow Democrats to pass a bill with a simple majority in the Senate.

Well, so much for paying attention to us constituents. Why can’t we vote them out right now?

UPDATE: Healthcare reform and reconciliation a bad mix
The budget reconciliation process, with its arcane rules and potential for political chicanery, is not suited to healthcare reform, according to the Senate’s former parliamentarian, Robert Dove, who was the chief Senate parliamentarian for 12 of his 36 years.

UPDATEx2: Obamacare Before The Summit?
You aren’t going to like this. Not. One. Damn. Bit.
I already despise their tactics. How about you?

UPDATEx3: 16 Senators now calling for the public option?
I am getting conflicting data on this. I hear that there is an insufficient number of votes to pass this debacle anyway (that is, it isn’t going to pass) under reconciliation. My question is, what kind of misdirection is taking place here?

UPDATEx4: Reconcile this, SenatorsNO !!!!


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