UPDATEDx5: Summit: GOP – Show Up And Argue Points

Don’t miss this opportunity, GOP.

It is equally important to the public at large that you be seen fighting for us. As opposed to just turning your backs on this Summit meeting.

If you don’t, this could likely backfire and lend more fuel to the Administration’s rhetoric in the MSM.

We, the country and Constitution, cannot afford that. Help us, by showing up and doing your job by fighting for us.

Please and Thank You.

Thank you, House Republican Whip Eric Cantor.

UPDATEx2: According to Speaker Pelosi, this event is a trick and the Dems will use reconciliation to force the existing bill through. Pay attention folks.

UPDATEx3: Rasmussen has the figures for how many of us would prefer that Congress start all over again to reform healthcare

UPDATEx4: Dick Morris has a very good article on how the Republicans should address this. I like it.

UPDATEx5: The invites are out.


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