UPDATEx3: But Is It Dead?

Is Speaker Pelosi saying this is over? Or?

UPDATEx1: Rumor? Or, was this “fixing to pass Obamacare anyway” being discussed over the weekend?

Updatex2: And here are the 23 that need to be contacted in order to nail the coffin shut.

Updatex3: Yes indeed. Let it go.

One response to “UPDATEx3: But Is It Dead?

  1. Beverly Babcock

    Oh my goodness…I hope this thing is dead. Someone get a stake and drive it into the heart of all 2500 pages or however many it is now. She was hoping to take the Senate bill and simply have the House put a stamp of approval on it, but this passed in the House by such a slim margin that she wouldn’t get the votes again.

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