This Has Got To Stop

Congress keeps trying to grow the Piggy Bank and take its contents each and every time.

That, in essence, is the core of our economic headaches.

Unnecessary spending has got to stop. In fact, Congress has to reverse course completely or we will never be considered a world power in the eyes of anyone. Which leads to another point.

Where, in all this, is the do no harm?


5 responses to “This Has Got To Stop

  1. I’m less interested in being considered a world power than I am more interested in fixing our homeland polarization.
    United we stand, divided we fall.

    • By the way, I am just as interested in fixing our homeland polarization as you state so well.
      So please don’t think I was ignoring that.

      I definitely agree that we have a lot of work to do here to “put our home in order.”

  2. While I can understand your position, I think this problem of ours has a much larger impact.
    With our economy being impacted severely by the actions in DC, and a great deal of our ‘manufacturing’ being inside other countries and not our own – we run a considerable risk being able to sustain (let alone upgrade) our defensive and consumer developments and purchases.
    Our GDP will fall.
    And we thought 10%+ unemployment was bad.
    We haven’t seen the worst of this yet, I fear.

  3. I share your fear. We haven’t hit rock bottom. It will be interesting to see who, in the consumer world, steps up to stop the down fall.

    Daniel, it all comes down to you and me in the end. We also have to stop our own indecisive ways.

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