Bad News for Revenues

The “rich” are fewer in numbers. And this isn’t good, for any of us.

This means there is less taxable income streaming into the federal government.

So what’s this about paying one’s fair share if you’re “rich”?

Read the article, Where Have All The Millionaires Gone?”

The economic health is dependent on the quantity of earners. And since this is changing, along with rising unemployment, there is obviously fewer in the workforce earning anything. Couple that with businesses failing and those incapable of hiring … well that’s a recipe for disaster that we haven’t seen in a long time. And the government has no idea how to fix it because they interfered in the private sector with regulations, policies, tax increases and new legislation destined to increase our costs (unconstitutionally).

The key word here is – interference – which has also affected the rest of the market forces.


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