UPDATEx2: Give That Man Legirons

For attempting a $48 Billion theft.

Of course, trying is one thing – if it is given to him – there is more than one criminal in cahoots here.

The Mother of All Earmarks…
Liberal Representative Emanuel Cleaver has proposed a whopping $48 BILLION EARMARK that would redistribute wealth to the inner cities.

UPDATE: $48 B … To one person? Friend? Operating a Child Day Care from his home?

UPDATEx2: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Denies $48B Earmark

But Gateway Pundit has screenshots of his website and “drills down” so you can find it for everyone to see that it is there, as specified, on his website.

How about that? Fact checking doesn’t help much when you say something quite different does it, Rep. Cleaver?


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