TSA Outrageousness

I received the following from a friend this evening.

If you fly for business or pleasure, you should listen to this interview.
This is a link to the Jim Bohannon Radio Show from last night (12/6/2010)….just advance the arrow all the way over to 1:20:00 and hear Karen Feld’s horror story of dealing with the TSA. This happened in June 2010 at the Baltimore-Washington Airport.


UPDATE: And recently, this woman was arrested after refusing the “enhanced pat down.”
A question. At what point is a law a bad law? And when will the American public demand their rights to bodily privacy?


One response to “TSA Outrageousness

  1. Heard that live this morning and couldnt believe it, the most outrageous story Ive ever heard about the treatment of a citizen by the TSA. But while I dont dought the cliam that many TSA agents are undertrained buffoons who go overboard in a hurry I have to admit having some doughts about the veracity of some of the claims. While again I dont dought a certain amount of ill treatment from the TSA agents is possible the leval of ill treatment she claimed to have recieved was just so over the top as to seem exagerated. And also because after googling here name I saw a suggestion that she may have mental health issues not 2 mention that shes a gossip columnist which is basically a professional drama queen so I dont know but I’ll look forward to seeing how this turns out.

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