Not Quite Correct

In fact, Keith Ellison demonstrates he is totally unaware of the human condition.


At the very least, Juan William’s honesty about his misgivings on the plane at that time demonstrates human self-preservation due to his knowledge of recent tragic events.

That’s it. In a thoroughly human nutshell.

Which tells me how “inhuman” Ellison probably is.
And not quite the American he thinks of himself.


One response to “Not Quite Correct

  1. Ellison is a muslim tool. His district is crammed with immigrants from countries where we took refugees by the plane load. What a laugh that he represents the next door neighbor of Pig’s Eye Landing Minnesota. Actually he represents interests outside Minnesota. His campaign contributions are 83% out of state. contrast tht to republican Michelle Bachmann who gets only 18% from out of state sources, and 81% from gopher staters.

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