UPDATE: Yes You Heard Right

Mr. Kane, yup – I heard it, also.

Governor O’Malley did refer to illegal immigrants aliens as “new Americans”.
And Former Governor Ehrlich was quite correct in pouncing on that comment.
(For those that haven’t heard it, watch it here.)

How about that. According to our state governor, nothing further has to be done because he just elevated illegal aliens to residents.

Funny. I thought the legislature was supposed to have the job of passing legislation and the governor was to sign them into law. So what’s the Bill/House numbers, Gov. O’Malley?

I want to see these documents.


2 responses to “UPDATE: Yes You Heard Right

  1. Yes, I heard it also. I’m flabbergasted.

  2. This governor doesn’t care that we understand budgets better than he.
    And the legislature.
    This illegal alien problem drains our resources to the tune of at least $1.4B per year.
    And that special session, while increasing taxes by a similar amount, failed to account for that.

    He has to go.

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