Declaring War on Arizona

No, I don’t mean the POTUS (this time).

Actually, it’s the Mexican Drug Cartel. Openly. They are threatening Nogales police officers.

Tell me again the Arizona law is unconstitutional, POTUS and AG, tell me there aren’t American citizens – on American soil – dying because of foreign criminal activity coming across our southern border illegally.

Arizona needs to do the job our Constitution says the federal government should have been doing all along. And our own administration thinks that suing the Arizona government is going to solve the problem by handcuffing police authority that is supposed to “Protect and Serve”.

Well, who’s going to “Protect and Serve” now? Or, should I ask – who is going to serve us to who?

What crap. What a waste of federal time, effort, our tax money, legal meandering just because they want criminals in our country ……… and, what’s that reason again?


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