Arizona FAIR and Immigration Costs

Finally, what we really need to know.

Awhile back, FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) calculated what was likely the cost burden Maryland has to put up with – being a sanctuary state.

Now, it’s Arizona’s turn.

The difference? Arizona passed legislation copying the federal law into their state law, and improving on it, to deal with their – ahem – illegal immigrant problem. It appears the costs of doing so will ultimately be to Arizona’s benefit despite the nonsense boycotts being bandied about.

Let’s see if Maryland can do the same math for themselves, eh?


One response to “Arizona FAIR and Immigration Costs

  1. I suggest actually reading the article and not the headline. The article does not support the headline!

    Perhaps the most insightful paragraph in the article is:

    “Because of the polarizing nature of the debate and the lack of solid figures on everything from the number of illegal immigrants in the state to how to accurately figure their share of the costs, there are no numbers either side agrees on or has not challenged.”

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