IRS Discloses Tax Data

The report reveals that the IRS made 7.6 billion disclosures of tax return information to federal and state agencies (up from 5.3 billion in 2008 and 4.5 billion in 2007).

Information overload?

From the comments: That’s roughly 25 disclosures for every man, woman, and child, in this country. If you group us into average family units of four, then it’s roughly 100 disclosures for every taxable family unit.

This alone looks like a very good reason to change to a Fair Tax system. Currently, this is within the house and senate as HR25 and S296.


2 responses to “IRS Discloses Tax Data

  1. Craig Reynolds

    How about a flat-tax? Reagan’s economic advisor (Art Laffer) wrote a book recently. I think it should be required reading (right after the mandatory reading of the Constitution, that is) for all politicians. Find book at:

  2. Thank you for that, Craig. Yes, I know of Art Laffer. He has also been on the Glenn Beck program off and on.

    In fact, I recall him telling us there are about 18 or 19 other countries that changed to this flat tax (fair tax?) system. Those countries learned that when competing against each other by lowering that rate, companies will jump their borders. Gives them financial incentive, moves economies about and improves employment where they take residence.

    Something our country truly needs to do to bring manufacturing and services back home and thereby help our residents as well.

    Heck, just simplifying our tax structure will help our families tremendously.

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