UPDATEx2: Politically Motivated Physical Attack

And the MSM doesn’t tell us. Isn’t that just special.

Oh, to be a couple, wearing Sarah Palin pins, in New Orleans. That was an initial allegation, that fanned the flames of outrageous.

I hope the attackers are found, and prosecuted.

On a calmer note, Michelle Malkin indicates there were no Palin Pins.

UPDATE: The latest on this story. With pictures and video.

UPDATEx2: According to the police, there is no evidence this attack was politically motivated.


2 responses to “UPDATEx2: Politically Motivated Physical Attack

  1. This must pass from one person’s e-mail to the next – and quickly! We have more power than we think we have.
    That this is not headline news speaks volumes of incompetence by the media. Are they waiting for someone to die at the national tea parties this week? I put nothing past them – we MUST stand up for our own.

  2. The political intimidation motive of the savages that viciously beat Allee Bautsch, Governor Jindal’s Financial Director, and her friend Joe Brown has been confirmed in an interview of an NOPD information officer relaying information from one of the case’s detectives:

    Breaking: Exclusive New Orleans Beat-Down Update Via My Interview With The NOPD – “It Was Of A Political Nature” http://bit.ly/d4pm5J

    Obviously those with a political motive to commit this heinous assault on this nice young couple that was just working hard for their Republican Governor and the ideas that they believe in at SRLC could only be Democrats and other Leftists.

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