UPDATE: 3 House Retirements Spur Debate

Is that all? Well, the article leads by saying those three are all Republicans. While I can’t say that lends credence to the gist of the article completely, it does tell me that the folks deciding to leave probably feel they want to get out on their own decision rather than losing at the ballot box. From an earlier read I had (Dick Morris, if I am not mistaken) the point was made that losing at the ballot box meant such a person would not likely be able to be called upon as a paid consultant/lobbyist. Hhhmm. Maybe.

A trio of House Republican retirement announcements over the past 10 days have sparked a debate between the leaders of the two major parties over whether the GOP is losing momentum in its quest to score major gains at the ballot box this fall.
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UPDATE: There is another article concerning House retirements, but this one includes a list of upcoming districts (by state) of various concerns. Maybe not quite up to date, but close.


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